Labour law

"ARTIS LEGAL" provide the following legal services in the area of the Labour Law:

  • Consultations on legal labour matters to companies and individuals;
  • Execution, amendment and termination of employment and freelance contracts, drafting and preparation of job description;
  • Drafting and preparation of documents related to the labour legislation – documents regarding enforcement of disciplinary punishments, firing, severance and compensation payments;
  • Consultations and defense of employees / workers in relation to employment and labour disputes, claims against illegal firing, rehiring, payment of compensations due, leave use, non-paid labour wages and other remuneration, etc.;
  • Consultations and defense of employers in relation to the application of disciplinary and property liability of employees / workers, overtime work, establishment of extended / reduced working hours, etc.;
  • Consultations regarding the termination of employment contracts;
  • Drafting and preparation of legal statements and opinions on all types of legal labour matters;
  • Subscription legal servicing of legal entities;
  • Consultations and representation for labour and employment disputes, lay-offs, firing, rehiring and compensations due;
  • Compensation as a result of work accident;
  • Assistance for negotiations between employers and workers / employees for the purpose of reaching out-of-court settlement of employment and labour disputes;
  • Litigation before any and all court institutions in relation to employment and labour cases regarding firing, discharge, lay-offs, compensations, work wages and remuneration unpaid and other labour legal matters.