About Us

„ARTIS LEGAL” Law Office provides highly qualified and comprehensive legal services to Bulgarian and foreign citizens and commercial companies.

Our lawyers have many years of professional experience and are thus able to provide expert legal services, thus guaranteeing effective results and optimal solutions in all areas of activity. 

The legal services provided by „ARTIS LEGAL” Law Office are based on the principles of high quality, professionalism, confidentiality, honesty and loyalty to our clients. In our activities, we are guided by high moral and ethical standards combined with an individual approach to each client.   

We ensure the security of our clients who trust us that their rights and legitimate interests are fully protected.

Our pursuit of excellence in everything we do provides our customers with a competitive advantage in everything they do.

In order to provide high quality and comprehensive service to our clients, „ARTIS LEGAL” Law Office cooperates with specialists and experts in a range of fields: economists, accountants, architects, surveyors, notaries, and court executors, among others.

Areas of Activity

Commercial and Corporate Law

Expert legal solutions for your business

Real Estate and Construction

Comprehensive legal services in real estate transactions

Insurance law

Legal assistance for payment of insurance benefits

Immigration law

Comprehensive legal services for foreign citizens upon immigration to Bulgaria

Foreign investments

Expert legal services for foreign investments in Bulgaria

Banking Law and Financial Institutions

Legal assistance in connection with bank contracts and other financial transactions with banks and non-bank

Law of Obligations

Comprehensive legal services for the conclusion, amendment and termination of contracts

Collection of receivables

Assistance in the collection of amounts due and legal protection before all courts

Insolvency of commercial companies

Procedural representation in bankruptcy proceedings of commercial companies

Administrative and Public Law

Procedural representation and legal protection in administrative cases before all courts

Tax law

Procedural representation and legal protection in tax disputes

Labour law

Legal protection in labor disputes

Family and Inheritance Law

Procedural representation in matrimonial claims and inheritance law disputes, division of inherited property

Criminal law

Legal defense in criminal cases

Procedural representation

Procedural representation and legal protection before all courts

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